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Waterberg (Limpopo) Community Emergency and Other contacts

This group is strictly to assist in the case of an emergency ONLY.
(Reporting and warning of confirmed emergency)

This group was started in 2019 to support the community with a very basic concept. “Ask a friend to HELP” 

As a platform this community had not only saved many life’s but also prevented large scale damage to properties! 

When you in a Life-threatening situation there is only so much you can do! Why not ask the community to help. By reporting your emergency on a proven and dedicated group you will trigger various services to respond to your request. People close to your location could be available to assist with in minutes during the time needed for more help to arrive.  

This group is monitored by the COMMUNITY and  emergency services. Ensure to still notify all emergency services!! 

The Waterberg’s is a vast area and during a life threatening situation emergency services could take some time to arrive. 

When reporting an Emergency:
1. Include a Pin drop of location
2. Name and number of Contact on Scene
3. State what kind of emergency, amount and type of injuries
4. Indication of what services is required 

No chatting or nice pictures will be allowed, as you will be removed immediately
No personal information will be allowed to be made public on this group

Contact Admin if you have any questions or suggestions  (

Emergency Assist WhatsApp group Links

We are continuously updating the Emergency telephone list for the Waterberg region. Please help us with corrections and updates by following this link

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